What We Do


We close deals

We do Deals and all of the parts around the Deals.  We don’t do anything else.
At Flatiron, we are laser focused on what we do best: Premium Deal Work. Our practice focuses on M&ACredit and Acquisition Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Technology Commercialization and Start-Up Company work.  We also offer Transaction Support Services under our Deal VisionSM  brand and Outsourced General Counsel and Business Succession Planning services. Although most of our clients reside in the new economy, we are industry agnostic, and represent clients across all industries.

Our objective at Flatiron is to be the best at what we do.
We don’t seek to be everything to everybody. And we don’t burden our balance sheet with layers of subject matter experts. Under our model, when non-core expertise is required, we collaborate with subject matter experts on an outsourced basis, all working under the Flatiron umbrella. In our experience, this project management approach to doing deals, where every lawyer is focused on what he or she does best, results in the best, most cost efficient outcomes for the client. See Our Deal Model

“Agile Equity has had the opportunity of working with the Flatiron Law Group on middle market M&A transactions. We have found the firm to be very helpful in working through complex transaction issues, finding the right solutions and assisting our team in getting deals done”

David Cummings
Founder and Managing Partner
Agile Equity

“I have worked with Mark under difficult circumstances on complex acquisitions and financings involving time sensitive matters across multiple time zones. I am always impressed by his grace under pressure and his ability to discern – and react appropriately to – the rhythm of a complex transaction. All this while delivering the highest quality analysis, advice and legal services. He remains a close friend and trusted counselor.”

CEO, Infrastructure Development Group, a global infrastructure and commercial real estate development company operating through offices in London, Dubai and Washington DC.

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