About Flatiron


a next generation law firm

We are former Big Law corporate partners with decades of combined experience. Each of us is a thought leader in the movement to modernize the law firm business model. Most of us have private sector experience as managers and entrepreneurs. After spending decades banging our heads against the wall in Big Law trying to influence change, we finally decided to get outside the Big Law firewall and create Flatiron, a truly innovative law firm that reimagines the way that transactions are lawyered. Instead of selling hours, we have shifted the value proposition to performance, quality and efficiency. We leverage a high efficiency cloud-based practice platform, an innovative labor model and our own proprietary deal tools and methodologies to offer premium Deal work on a flat fee or other alternative fee basis. We deliver our services at the same or at an even better level of quality than Big Law, but with more value-added benefits for our clients.

“Flatiron is an exceptional law firm for technology companies considering an M&A or financing transaction.  Their deal process platform prepares companies for the transaction process and identifies issues in advance which both smooths and speeds up the deal.  Moreover, Conrad and Lennie have great business judgment and look for ways to get a transaction done, not to score points.”

Jonathan G. Morphett
Managing Partner
Avondale Partners, LLC