Deal Flow Process


Flatiron is the first law firm authorized user and testing site for DEAL DRIVER, a deal flow process platform that manages the flow of critical Deal data through each step of the Deal. DEAL DRIVER is owned by a separate commercial company of which Flatiron is a part owner.  Empowered with DEAL DRIVER, our Deals close better, faster, cheaper, with better information, and with less risk. See our Deal process in action.

*Deal Driver  is service mark of Deal Driver Technologies, Inc. and used under license.

Deal Driver start with the End of the Deal in Mind: The Closing

First Step: Gathering and Managing the Data

DEAL DRIVER organizes and displays data in a way that makes sense

Document collection responsibilities are assigned to the appropriate subject matter experts

Buyer due diligence requests and reps & warranties are deconstructed, tagged and parsed into a live database of clauses

Those clauses are then associated directly with the applicable Seller documents in a visual, collaborative web display.

Deal counterparties interact with each other in real time

Additional requests, comments and questions are managed and disposed of in a collaborative digital environment

Second Step: Turning Documents into Data

DEAL DRIVER extracts intelligence from the data

Seller documents are vetted using search tools to extract actionable data

The data is then manipulated using filtering, grouping & sorting tools

Deal issues are identified, e.g.:

  • Assignability
  • Value
  • Duration
  • Jurisdiction
  • Counterparties

Documents are coded, e.g.: Assignability

  • Yes
  • No
  • Consent required
  • Notice required

Analytics generated are available to all in a visual, collaborative web display

Third Step: Turning Data into Actionable Items

DEAL DRIVER automatically generates transaction deliverables


Extracted metadata surfaces potential issues and sets up action items to track and resolve


Metadata is leveraged to generate due diligence responses and disclosure schedules


Methodology facilitates integration by generating post-closing action items, e.g.:

  • Contract expirations
  • Inbound licensing due dates
  • Performance thresholds

The Benefits

Complex Corporate structures are rationalized and explained

Buyer can reuse database scheme so that analytics are standardized across multiple deals

Critical data flows seamlessly through each step of the Deal so that it can be reused, not recreated

Critical data is always current and accessible on a single pane allowing key decision makers access from any web-enabled device

Deal Driver synchronizes with 3rd party data rooms or can be deployed as its own data repository

Solving the Client’s Problem Set

  • Deals close with less diversion of management time
  • Seller Data is organized in a way that makes sense
  • Post-Closing action items are identified
  • Problems are surfaced and remedied early in the Deal
  • Deals close faster, cheaper and better
  • Database structures can be reused and replicated by Buyer

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