Deal VisionSM

Transaction Support Services

DEAL VISION is a suite of Due Diligence Transaction Support Services offered by Flatiron.  Clients may choose to purchase DEAL VISION as a stand-alone offering or combine it with Legal Advisory Services.

For example, Flatiron is often “parachuted” into acquisition targets by Private Equity Funds to clean up a target’s corporate affairs ahead of sale and optimize the probability of a successful Deal outcome.

DEAL VISION Services Include:

Vetting financial reporting and internal controls

    • Improving controls and augmenting financial staff
    • Commissioning Quality of Earnings analysis and other financial reports
    • Testing the viability of projections

Rationalizing complex ownership structures

    • Eliminating redundant and obsolete affiliates
    • Ensuring proper corporate governance is observed
    • Visualizing entity ownership

Auditing Chain of Title to the IP

    • Ensuring inbound & outbound licenses are current, up to date and fully paid
    • Ensuring that everybody that has created the IP has assigned her/his rights to the company

Auditing Capitalization Table

  • Ensuring all equity claims (stock and stock options) trace back to
    • a proper corporate grant and
    • are properly documented in the records.

Managing Due Diligence

  • Utilizing Deal Driver to turn documents into actionable data
  • Substantive review of commercial & corporate documentation
  • Quantifying & Visualizing resulting data
  • Alternative deliverables
    • Oral report
    • Summary of Risk Factors
    • Comprehensive, written Due Diligence Report

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