How We Practice


Our Client Engagement Model

Engagement Model

Partner Working Model

  • Clients interact only with seasoned Deal lawyers with years of experience
  • For important advice, Clients are never relegated to junior lawyers

We apply systems orientation of leading management consulting and accounting firms

  • Compile metrics for each Deal
  • Leverage acquired Deal knowledge for efficiency and better results in future Deals

Collaborative, consultative approach to Client Management

  • Consult Pre-Deal: Align expectations, set budgets, design deal flow and allocate resources
  • De-brief Post-Deal: Apply lessons learned, assist with integration, re-use assembled data

Leverage proprietary digital toolkit

  • Technology-assisted workflows match Clients’ needs
  • Data-driven pricing and budgeting tools provide Clients with pricing certainty

“One of the best things we did was select a lawyer waaay before we started looking for a Buyer. And boy did we choose well. It was incredibly calming to know that we had superstars watching our back every step of the sales process”

-Nick Scharlatt,

Co-Founder, Foothold Technology,
New York City.