Outside General Counsel


A company desiring to reduce fees paid to outside counsel while at the same time streamlining and improving the quality and reliability of the legal function can hire Flatiron to perform an outside general counsel function to handle address critical legal matters and corporate formalities. 

For companies with an in-house legal department, Flatiron works to help the lawyers meet their objectives in serving the business by providing specific expertise and additional resources when and where needed. 

We interact effectively with executive teams, boards of directors and owners and respond in real time to their needs for timely advice on legal matters, business opportunities and other events that occur.

We frequently provide GC or legal department support services on a fixed fee basis, defining the scope of work and ensuring that what needs to be done gets done on time and on budget. 

Our work includes, as requested:

Our team also works with clients to improve and streamline operational practices to reduce operational and legal risk while also saving costs, helping clients to manage ad hoc projects and deadlines.