The New Spectrum of Legal Services with ARK Group and Financial Research Associates


The New Spectrum 

ARK Group and Financial Research Associates are presenting The New Spectrum of Legal Services on June 8, 2017 at the University of Chicago, Gleacher Center, Chicago IL. 

The keynote will be delivered by Arik Press, Partner Nernero & Press and former editor in chief of The American Lawyer and its parent company, ALM Media: Change is Inevitable, Progress is Optional. Paul is a member of the Advisory Board of Elevate Services, which recently acquired OnRamp Systems, where he was CEO. Legal OnRamp was first developed at a legal department productivity and collaboration platform for Cisco Systems and is recognized as a pioneer in the reinvention of law. Paul is a widely cited author and speaker around the themes of innovation, metrics and knowledge management in law. 

Flatiron partner Mark Haddad will speak and moderate the first panel: Who Will be the General Contractor: The Role of the GC in the era of Unbundled Law. Mark will share his insights as a co-founder of Flatiron Law Group, a non-traditional law firm. Mark will be joined on the panel by Deborah Epstein Henry, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bliss Lawyers, and Alan Bryan, Senior Associate General Counsel – Legal Operation and Outside Counsel Management Wal-Mart Stories, Inc. Closing remarks: The Last Mile Problem, will be made by William Henderson, Law Professor and Researcher Indiana University. Mr. Henderson is a highly regarded authority on evolution of the legal services market. Presentation slides for Mr. Haddad’s remarks are available here.

The legal services market has been undergoing profound changes that are predictable in a mature market. We see a hyper-competitive market with fewer consolidated and more fragmented players leveraging niche positions or economies of scale or technology in some segments. 

The legal industry to us looks more like what we at Flatiron like to call a ‘MOSAIC”. A mosaic of different colors representing different service providers serving different needs rather than a collection of law firms of the traditional type. 

Mark’s panel will focus will focus on the evolution of the legal services market, with emphasis on the unbundling of services and how the work gets done. With more choices, and the need for a “quarterback”, the panel will discuss challenges and opportunities for service providers and legal consumers alike. 

Mark will be joined by co-panelists Debbie Epstein Henry and Alan Bryan, as well as Paul Lippe. Debbie is co-founder and Managing Director of Bliss Lawyers, a firm that employs high caliber lawyers to work on an engagement basis in secondments for in-house legal department and law firm clients. Bryan is Senior Associate General Counsel for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. where he leads the Office of Outside Counsel Management for Legal Operations, overseeing internal operations and processes, as well as the relationship with all company law firms throughout the US. 

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