M&A 3.1


Mergers and Acquisitions 3.1sm

Flatiron lawyers are M&A subject matter experts with decades of combined experience managing complex transactions for buyers and sellers across all industries but with a focus on the technology, clean energy and life sciences sectors. 

We advise on every step in the M&A process, including the preparation of a letter of intent to establish a framework for the transaction, due diligence, preparation of the definitive documentation and closing. We also handle post-closing adjustments and can assist on integration issues.

Flatiron also counsels clients on the corporate governance processes and legal requirements and facilitate appropriate balancing of the interests of the shareholders, management, employees and other stakeholders from outset to conclusion of a matter

Our work covers emerging growth, middle-market and larger complex transactions for multinational corporations, including high profile deals, such as the sale of iBazar to eBay, and hundreds of transactions for entrepreneurs, private equity funds and other strategic buyers and sellers. 

M&A 3.1sm

Flatiron has pioneered M&A 3.1sm, a proactive and disciplined approach to delivering our M&A legal services.  We start by engaging with our client through a framework designed to plan activities and processes and identify key deliverables and work product.  We then focus on implementing client goals by utilizing specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to execute a project plan.  

Our model is iterative and allows us to segment a transaction or other project into phases and assigned tasks, including, where appropriate, the use of legal service organizations to reduce cost without compromising quality.  Flatiron then manages the process (or supports the in-house general counsel or deal lead in managing the process) and focuses on areas where we add the most value:  deal structuring, negotiation, and complex drafting.  

The benefits for clients are improved communication without surprises, enhanced quality and greater efficiency in achieving project objectives on time and on budget.  Our approach (together with our collaboration tools) also promotes teamwork among project team members and helps demonstrate the value of business leads and legal departments to the organizations they serve.  

Due Diligence 3.1sm

Flatiron has developed a unique due diligence offering, which we call Due Diligence 3.1sm.  At the request of private equity funds and other buyers and strategic partners, Flatiron “parachutes” a dedicated team of trained individuals into potential deal targets to rapidly prepare the client for a capital transaction or sale.  

We clarify goals and priorities, define parameters, develop budgets and work schedules and actively manage the process.  A typical “parachute” matter will include the use of proprietary methods and tools developed by Flatiron to assemble and compile due diligence materials, maintain the data room, rationalize the corporate structure, oversee corporate governance activities, configure collaboration channels and provide the client and potential merger partner with real-time production summaries and regular and proactive communication using Flatiron SaaS tools.  

The dashboard sits on top of the document repository, summarizing salient content, assigning due diligence tasks and linking directly to the document repository.