Franchising and Commercial


Flatiron advises clients on laws relating to the rights, relations and conduct of companies engaged in business, merchandising, trade and sales of products and services.

Our work includes representing franchisors and other distributors, intellectual property licensors and companies that partner with manufacturers or producers to market and sell the manufacturer's or producer's products, services or technologies, often through co-branding strategies. We counsel clients on franchising regulation and compliance, prepare required disclosure documents, advise on matters involving real estate and leasing, labor and employment, intellectual property, joint venturing and sales and purchases of franchises.

We also assist in the conduct of legal and business due diligence, including a review of the franchisor's background, financial position, track record and litigation history. We counsel on other matters relating to the setup, expansion or sale of the franchise.

We have particular expertise in international franchising, licensing and channel partnering, with extensive cross-border experience in food, clothing, home improvement and real estate services.