Banking and Finance


Flatiron lawyers have extensive experience representing clients on lending and borrowing of money, and management of financial liabilities.  Our work includes structuring transaction to protect client interests and attain commercial objectives, and we negotiate complex documentation to establish the relationship between borrowers and lenders.  

Our work includes acquisition financings, asset-based lending, project finance, cross-border investments, bridge loans and other new structures in the current credit environment.

In addition to financial transactions for established borrowers, we also advise emerging growth companies raising funds to grow their businesses, including bank and personal loans and sales of stock.  We know the regulations lifting the ban on general solicitation and allowing businesses to advertise their need for capital (with no limits on the specific form of advertisement) so long as they comply with the new rules. We also represent investors with accredited status who benefit from the new rules as direct sources of capital for early-stage startups.

In our representations, our borrowing and capital-raising lawyers provide guidance throughout the capital-raising process and ensure our clients understand the rules prohibiting any statements or omissions that could mislead an investor.